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This web site is dedicated to Lighthouse enthusiasts who, like me, enjoy anything and everything connected with the nostalgia of lighthouses in times past; who collect old books and post cards on the subject; and visit as many lighthouses as possible in order to photograph them for posterity. My only restriction is to concentrate on English and Welsh lighthouses.




A nostalgic trip into the war years to look at the current remains of the old war time RAF Maintenance Unit 70MU, RAF Woodcote, Goring Heath now lost in undergrowth in the midst of the Oxfordshire countryside. You will be able to take a photo tour of the site and look at the archive photos and read the personal memories of the people who were there at the time. It was established in 1941 and closed down in 1959.


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There are two sections to this website. Please click on the blue hyper link for the URL or the picture of the site which you wish to visit. This web site contains no 'pop up' adverts or any sophisticated scripts or other up to date web authorizing techniques. It consists of entirely boring old 'html' pages and 'jpeg' images so it will not cause any concern to your anti virus programs or web browser. My site was started in 2002 and is regularly updated and added to.


Mr Mycetes in 1950.

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