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Harrington Lighthouse.


Harrington is on the west coast of Cumberland some four and a half miles north of Workington. A light was established at the end of Harrington south pier head or breakwater as early as 1797, but in 1848 it was rebuilt by Mr Curwen of Curwen Hall, Workington in the format shown in the photograph. It was a red drum type (see Fowey, Whitehaven for a surviving example of this type) and was shown while 8 feet of water was in the harbour. It was visible for 11 miles. The pier was washed down in 1863 and rebuilt in 1864 but in 1890 a new pier was established with a new light visible 3 miles but this old light remained in use until 1929 when it was discontinued, probably when the harbour fell into disuse when coal was no longer imported for the blast furnaces. It remained as an ornament until a great storm at 5.30 pm on Saturday 7th February 1931 when it was partially destroyed and later totally removed for safety reasons. No trace of it remains today but there is reference to the storm damage carved into the old stonework.

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