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Red Acre Point Lighthouse.

Seaham is a small harbour in County Durham on the north east coast. The first lighthouse which was a temporary wooden structure burnt down in 1836 which allowed for the building of this new 58 feet high stone lighthouse, by William Chapman, on Red Acre Point on the north side of the harbour. It had a white revolving light on the top and a static red one below. The first keeper was an ex soldier which had fought with Lord Londonderry against Napoleon and his name was William Fairless.

In 1856 there was an internal fire which was quite a common occurrence in those days given the nature of oil burning lamps. Whilst the whole interior was damaged the stonework remained sound and within a year the lighthouse was back to fully operational status. The light continued until 1905 when alterations to the harbour lead to the building of the current Seaham harbour light and Red Acre Point then continued as a landmark until 1940 when it was demolished so as to be of no use as a sea or aerial navigation aid to the enemy.

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