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Landguard Point Lighthouse.

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Landguard Point is situated at the northern banks of the River Orwell in Essex, close to the current port of Felixstowe. A light was shown from the Napoleonic Landguard Fort from 1848 to guide the way for shipping to enter the port of Harwich and extinguished when a new lighthouse became operational in 1861.

When a the light was built it was situated on the east end of Landguard Point on the beach at 390 yards from the extremity and was a white painted wooden framed structure on legs, 38 feet high, with a light visible for 5 miles. Close to it was the keepers wooden chalet. A notice to mariners dated 20th May 1861 confirmed that the Landguard Fort light would be extinguished and a new light shown from the new lighthouse on June 10th 1861.

The light is recorded as being occulting every 10 seconds with a dioptric lens shown 33 feet above sea level and visible for 10 miles. It was a white light but had a red sector which showed red from Andrews Buoy to the Beach End Buoy. The light was amended in 1868, 1878 and 1896.

It was repainted in 1910 and destroyed by fire on 6th April 1925. No trace of it exists today and given the changing currents which alter the channels, then there is no requirement for a replacement light.