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Wyre Lighthouse.

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The two Fleetwood lighthouses and the old Wyre lighthouse were part of the navigational marks showing the edges of Morecambe Bay on the Lancashire coast. The Wyre lighthouse was built in 1840 by the Belfast firm of Alexander Mitchell and Son on the same design seen in the existing screw pile lighthouse of Gunfleet and the long gone Chapman and Maplin. It was built at night at the time when shipping movement was at a a minimum.

The lighthouse keepers quarters consisted of a hexagonal room measuring 22 feet in diameter; 9 feet high and divided into two compartments. The main living quarter had a fire place whilst the other was the dormitory. The complete living quarters had one door and three windows.

The lantern had twelve sides and was 10 feet in diameter and 8 feet high. The light shone at 31 feet above high tide level and was visible for 8 miles. In foggy conditions the fog bell could be heard over a distance of 2 miles.

Wyre light had a very chequered history with collision with shipping (despite being stationery) and finally destroyed by fire in May 1948. The remains of the structure is still there at a mile and a half from the shore and at exceptional low tides it can be reached by foot. The structure now carries a modern navigation light which is remotely operated.