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Bootle Lighthouse.


In 1877 the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board built a lighthouse on the seawall at Bootle. Designated as the North Wall Lighthouse, it was known to all the seafarers and residents of New Brighton and Wallasey, as the 'Bootle Bull' on account of its raucous foghorn.

The fog siren initially was one blast of three seconds every half a minute but this changed to two short blasts with a five seconds interval every minute. Either way, it was a very penetrating sound. It first exhibited a fixed white bright light on 1st October 1877 at 70 feet above High Water, which was visible for 12 miles.

The building was a very fine structure built in a grand style. It comprised of a brick built square tower three stories high with an overhanging brick and iron railing galley and lantern room on top. The entrance door and windows were edged in stone

It was found necessary to demolish this building when the Gladstone Dock system was built. It was discontinued in 1927 and replaced by a white concrete structure 30 feet high about 400 yards north of the Gladstone entrance.